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Written by Steven Bussey
on January 27, 2023

Bill 96, adopted by Québec’s National Assembly in May 2022, brings significant amendments to the Charter of the French Language that will affect all businesses with operations or employees in the province. With implications for client and employee communications, contracting, public signage and more, it is critical that organizations understand the new requirements to remain compliant and reduce their risk.

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What does Bill 96 mean?

Bill 96, also known as the "Language Policy Review Act," is a proposed legislation in Québec, Canada that seeks to strengthen the province's language laws and ensure that French is the primary language of business in the province. It essentially means that It has become a legal requirement for companies operating in Québec to operate, conduct all of their internal communications, including emails and meetings, in French. It would also require that all public signs and commercial advertising be in French, with the option to include a translation in another language.

How we can help

We understand companies that operate in multiple languages may have to bear additional costs for translation and localization. 

Andovar's services can help reduce the unanticipated costs and disruption associated with compliance by utilizing automation solutions that include:

  • Offshore solutions in low-cost locations: As well as having offices in Asia and South America, Andovar has a network of translators located in low-cost locations around the world who are native speakers of French Canadian. This allows Andovar to provide high-quality translations at a lower cost than traditional in-country translation services.
  • Advanced translation technology: Andovar utilizes industry-leading translation technology to ensure that translations are accurate and consistent. This includes a state-of-the-art translation management system, and artificial intelligence automation tools, which can help to reduce the time and cost associated with translation.
  • AI translation: Andovar offers AI-powered translation solutions that help enhance the quality of your content and accelerate time to market. Human post-editors finetune every translation, delivering high-quality, culturally relevant translations at reduced costs.
  • Synthetic voices: Andovar's cost-effective synthetic voices can be used to generate human-like speech in French Canadian, which can be used for a variety of applications such as corporate training, voice-enabled interfaces, audio guides, and more. For premium productions including content for broadcast, Andovar maintains a large database of French Canadian voice actors.
  • Expertise in all forms of media: Andovar has expertise in translating and localizing all forms of media, including text, audio, and video. 


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