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Written by Steven Bussey
on May 08, 2020

Marketing video localization is every bit an art as it is a science - meaning that you'll have to make some adjustments to your processes depending on which specific market you're talking about in the moment.

Having said that, there ARE a few key tips that you can use to start making your marketing video localization efforts not only easier on you and any partner that you're employing, but ultimately more successful as well. By keeping them in mind before, during and AFTER the content creation process, you stand the best chance of hitting the ground running all throughout your global expansion.


Create content aimed at an international market in the first place

By far, the most important step you can take towards a successful marketing video localization strategy involves creating the types of content that those global audiences want to watch in the first place.

Again - every market is a little different from the next, so something that plays exceptionally well in one area may fall totally flat in another. During the process of your expansion, think carefully about the unique audience you're actually speaking to. What do they like and not like? Are there any cultural differences you need to be aware of? Is there a way to create marketing videos that are specific in terms of the topic, but general enough so that they might play well in multiple areas at once?

These are the types of questions you need to be asking yourself whenever you start to create content for an audience outside of the United States. If you begin with this framework, your localization and translation efforts will be far easier because the content meshes naturally with the preferences of that audience in a more organic way.


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Rate of speech matters more than you think

This one may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised by how many people overlook it.

Whenever you're creating a marketing video, resist the urge to film something that sounds like it was written by Aaron Sorkin - meaning where people are speaking at what seems like a thousand miles per hour.

Remember that subtitles are a big part of your localization efforts and not everyone reads quickly. Whenever possible, keep the rate of speech slow enough to make sure that your viewers can follow along. Don't keep things so slow that it feels like you're coming off condescending - above all else just keep it natural. But pay attention to the rate of speech early on to make things easier for yourself later.


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The importance of keeping things evergreen

Another one of the top tips for marketing video localization involves trying to keep things as evergreen as possible. This term means "something that is relevant today will still be relevant tomorrow."

Within this specific context, it means that you should avoid making any types of references to information that may change, not only from market to market, but also over time. Don't call out the president of a particular country by name if that person is up for re-election in the next year - you're only going to have to make a change later on.

Note that evergreen doesn't mean keeping things GENERAL - it's just yet another step that you can take to make things easier on yourself down the road.


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Preserve the bottom third

Finally, we arrive at another part of marketing video localization that people don't pay enough attention to - the bottom third of the frame.

Traditionally, this is where the subtitles will appear on your video. Because of that, you should limit any text (especially with important videos) appearing in this area whenever possible. Not only will it possibly interfere with the legibility of the subtitles, but if you throw too much information at someone too quickly, they'll start to get overwhelmed and confused.

If you'd like to find out more information about the top tips that you can use for marketing video localization success, or if you just have any additional questions you'd like to discuss with someone in a bit more detail, please don't delay - contact Andovar today.


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