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Written by Emma Green
on June 26, 2023

Total Economic Impact: Phrase Delivered a Return on Investment of 527  Percent - Slator
In today's interconnected global market, businesses must effectively communicate with their diverse audience across different languages and cultures. Localization plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and culturally relevant translations of content, allowing businesses to expand their reach and connect with their target markets. Phrase (Consistently voted #1 TMS by G2), the leading localization technology, offers a comprehensive set of tools and features specifically designed to enhance business translations. In this blog, we will explore the reasons why Phrase stands out as the preferred choice for businesses seeking to optimize their localization processes. From advanced translation management and customization options to powerful translation memory and seamless integration capabilities, Phrase empowers businesses to achieve efficient and high-quality translations that resonate with their global audience.

I. Advanced Translation Management 

Efficient translation management is the cornerstone of successful localization, and Phrase excels in this aspect. With its robust platform, businesses gain access to a range of features that streamline the translation process. From project management tools that enable efficient collaboration among translators, editors, and clients to version control that ensures accurate and up-to-date translations, Phrase simplifies the complexities of managing translation projects. Additionally, businesses can automate workflows and define custom approval processes tailored to their specific needs. This flexibility allows for efficient project execution and enhances overall productivity.



II. Customizable and Flexible Localization 

No two businesses have the same localization requirements, and Phrase understands this. With its customizable platform, businesses can adapt Phrase to align with their unique localization needs. From defining custom workflows and approval processes to creating industry-specific glossaries and terminology lists, Phrase provides businesses with the flexibility to tailor the platform according to their specific translation requirements. This level of customization ensures consistency and accuracy across translations, even for businesses operating in niche industries with specialized terminology.



III. Powerful Translation Memory

Translation Memory (TM) is a vital asset for businesses seeking to optimize their translation processes, and Phrase's TM feature is second to none. By storing previously translated segments, Phrase suggests these segments during the translation process, significantly reducing redundancy and improving consistency. As businesses accumulate a vast library of translated content, Phrase's TM becomes increasingly valuable, allowing businesses to leverage their existing translations and maintain consistency across projects. This feature not only saves time but also ensures the use of approved and consistent terminology, enhancing the overall quality of translations.



IV. Integration Capabilities 

Seamless integration with existing systems is crucial for businesses to streamline their localization workflows. Phrase offers robust integration capabilities, allowing businesses to connect their localization processes with various third-party tools and services. Integration with content management systems (CMS), code repositories, and project management tools enables businesses to automate and streamline their translation processes, reducing manual efforts and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, integration with machine translation engines empowers businesses to leverage the power of artificial intelligence for faster translations while maintaining quality and accuracy.



V. Scalability and Global Reach

As businesses expand into new markets, their localization needs become more complex. Phrase is built to scale with businesses, providing a reliable infrastructure and resources to support their growing translation requirements. Whether a business operates in a single market or targets a global audience, Phrase ensures that localization remains seamless and efficient. With support for over 60 languages, businesses can confidently communicate with their global audience, ensuring accurate and culturally relevant translations.


Andovar & Phrase

In a globalized business landscape, localization is key to connecting with diverse audiences and expanding market reach. Phrase, as the leading localization technology, offers businesses the tools and features they need to optimize their translation processes. We at Andovar have chosen Phrase as our localization platform, leveraging its advanced translation management, customization options, powerful translation memory, and seamless integration capabilities. With Phrase, Andovar has been able to streamline their localization processes, maintain consistency and accuracy in translations, and effectively communicate with our global clients. By partnering with Phrase, Andovar has enhanced its capabilities to deliver high-quality translations that resonate with diverse audiences around the world. In the ever-evolving landscape of business translations, Phrase and Andovar are at the forefront, ensuring that businesses can effectively connect with their target markets and succeed in the global marketplace.

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