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Written by Steven Bussey
on November 08, 2019

If you are wondering how you can deliver your brand’s messages and marketing to users in a different country than your own, transcreation is the answer. While translation may be the right fit for some content, in most cases, transcreation is needed to take your brand a step further to  connect with your target audience on a level they understand fully. It maximizes the content of your website by adapting your marketing messages into any language, in a manner that will make your brand look completely local to your new users. 

Transcreation gives content the ability to speak to a new audience beyond words, and with a bigger impact. The process begins with a creative brief, unlike translation, which begins with the original text. 

If you are new to the idea of transcreation, this article will provide you with an introduction to the concept, and show how you can leverage your multilingual website. 


Translation vs Transcreation

Translation focuses primarily on language, in mostly a literal sense, though a good translator should understand context. Transcreation focuses on the targeted audience to modify website content to the exact location it will be delivered and ensures all details are relevant and will resonate with the local users. The goal of transcreation is context, whereas translation addresses  the content only. Transcreation considers everything from the local culture and nuances, the essence and messaging of a brand, and the website’s voice. Creativity, language and cultural knowledge are combined with the skills of a talented content creator to recreate an entire site not only in a new language but a new context. Translation is a good fit for informative style text, but for any call to action (CTA), transcreation will do a better job. It is essentially a translation for marketing.


As a creative service

Website translation is generally charged at a per word rate, whereas transcreation services are  sometimes charged by the hour much the same as creative services, such as graphic design and copywriting. It takes time to  re-create a message entirely, define the most effective way to carry meaning, essence, and emotion in a way that speaks directly to a new audience. Given the depth involved, a creative brief is crucial before starting the translation of a website that will include transcreation.  

Provide a creative concept for your brand to your translation agency, not just the text, as they need to fully understand the message and action you are aiming to trigger with your content. Anything you can provide to assist them with understanding your brand’s message will help establish the most effective translation. 


Give your brand a competitive edge

When your business is hitting a new audience in a new country, your biggest competitor will be local brands. You will need to make sure you stand out while fitting in with the locals. Localization, translation, and transcreation will all come into play. Though there are differences between each, different content may require any combination of them. As a business owner, there is no need to be too concerned with the jargon; the most crucial part will be making sure your chosen translation agency is carefully executing your brand message and reaching your new audience.


Tips for an effective transcreation project

  • Transcreation of a website can be a complex undertaking. Utilize local language teams to create a relevant tone and style of voice for your brand and products to connect with your local audience. The communication style will be different from country to country.
  • Source content will be stored in your translation memory, but remember any revisions  occurring during transcreation will not. Transcreation takes place separately from your translation memory.
  • Be aware of idioms, slogans, puns, and product descriptions or names without identical equivalents with your new audience. 

Considerations when employing a transcreation partner

  • Your transcreation service provider needs to be an expert in the content, as well as the target language. If they can’t understand the content they are employed to localize, the transcreation process will not be successful. They should understand your brand message and campaign clearly to transfer it successfully  to a local market.
  • Employ a native speaker to maximize transcreation success. 
  • Your transcreation provider should have an extensive understanding of your new audience and possess the ability to speak to them by understanding the culture, context, and social nuances.
  • Your chosen transcreation provider should be knowledgeable in the local advertising, media, and commercial rules and regulations.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider and incorporate for a successful transcreation project. If you would like to discuss your brand’s marketing translation needs, Andovar is a trusted localization agency who guarantee an efficient and thorough job. 

A worldwide provider of multilingual and localization services, Andovar specializes in content creation, text translation, audio and video recording, software, games, and turnkey localization websites. Contact Andovar today to get your transcreation project underway.

Find out how transcreation benefits website translation in our Ultimate Guide to Website Translation.

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