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Written by Steven Bussey
on June 08, 2021

After more than a year of dealing with travel restrictions, lockdowns and other factors related to the spread of COVID-19, people around the world are ramping up plans to travel. However, travel trends have changed. Some people are staying closer to home while others are looking for more meaningful trips.

For hotels, booking services, airlines, tour services, and others working in the global travel industry, it’s important to understand both travel trends and native language preferences. Is your company prepared to meet the needs of travelers who prefer to consume promotional material in their own languages?

Andovar can help your company revamp its online content, apps, software and other assets with industry-leading travel translation and localization services. Let’s look at the trends to watch now that COVID vaccines are rolling out and countries are opening up to visitors.

This blog will cover:

  1. Local/Regional Travel Boom
  2. Travel Certificates Ready in Europe Before Summer
  3. Digital Nomads Need Localized Content in Their Own Languages
  4. Research for Meaningful Travel
  5. Online Bookings and Last-Minute Deals
  6. Long Stays Abroad
  7. Take Advantage of the Post-COVID Travel Boom

1. Local/Regional Travel Boom

About 60% of Europeans are sticking to destinations within Europe. Europeans are staying closer to home but still want to travel and experience new places. Nevertheless, 40% of online shoppers, including travelers, will not buy if the content isn’t available in their own language, according to research by CSA. This makes it more important than ever to partner with a reputable travel translation services company focused on the tourism industry.

At Andovar, our language services can help address the need for translations to local and foreign languages for apps and websites that cater to travelers. 

2. Travel Certificates Ready in Europe Before Summer

According to the BBC, travel certificates will make it easier for those who have tested negative for the coronavirus or received a vaccination to travel in the EU. However, the 27 member states are still working out how to use digital travel certificates to ensure the safety of travelers and locals alike. 

Officials want to ensure that the vaccine passports remain non-discriminatory. All EU citizens will have access to the proposed digital certificates whether they live abroad or within the EU. Additionally, countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece rely on tourism and hope the COVID certificates ease travelers' minds enough to encourage them to travel abroad for the summer.

Travel agents and other professionals hosting websites that sell vacation packages need to think strategically about having their content available in as many languages as possible. Andovar website translation and localization tools can help businesses attract visitors who speak other languages with a clear, targeted translation of page content.

3. Digital Nomads Need Localized Content in Their Own Languages

With the pandemic shutting down most businesses over the last year, many workers are still logging in from home. Once travel restrictions lift, more and more people will figure out that they can work just as well from anywhere in the EU. These digital nomads can stay longer in their desired destinations, working during the day and exploring new places in the evenings and on weekends. This is one of the most exciting travel trends to watch in a post-COVID world that hasn't yet returned to the office. 

Travelers will need reliable translations for local websites for hotels, excursions and other travel-related products and services. By taking advantage of Andovar's localization services for apps, businesses can improve their SEO and ROI on travel translation services. 

4. Research for Meaningful Travel

Many people have developed a deeper appreciation for travel opportunities. They may spend more time researching destinations to partner with travel companies and hotels that minimize their ecological impact on the earth. Ecotourism and greater awareness may cause many beachgoers to opt for seaside destinations that guarantee plenty of shade and sun protection. From detox to boot camps, wellness tourism is likely to skyrocket as travelers remain hyperalert to health and safety considerations. 

By partnering with Andovar on software localization, companies that offer ecotours, spas and wellness destinations can improve their search results and conversion rates.

5. Online Bookings and Last-Minute Deals

More people are booking their travel plans almost exclusively online. Travelers are watching for cancellations, deals and last-minute bookings. This means they won’t have time to go to the local travel agent for brochures printed in their native languages. Instead, travel companies should look for ways to localize websites, booking platforms and other online resources in a plethora of languages.

The move to online travel booking isn’t new. However, with a billion people ready to scratch the itch to travel in the post-COVID world, it’s essential that online travel agencies and others in the hospitality industry maintain agility when it comes to providing localized content. In order to realize higher conversion rates, travel companies operating in a single country or across borders need a well-crafted travel translation and localization strategy.

6. Long Stays Abroad

While some families will rush off to take advantage of travel deals at the last minute, some individuals may plan extended stays in other countries. The average day has already increased from five days to 10 days for many hotel bookings. With more digital nomads flocking to popular destinations, this trend may heat up throughout 2021 and beyond. 

People who have been stuck at home for many months out of the past year will want to explore new cuisines, places and landscapes. Connecting to nature is likely to become a big trend. Travelers will frequent businesses and websites with localized content that helps them find local activities that appeal to their interests. 

7. Take Advantage of the Post-COVID Travel Boom

Andovar offers travel translation services of websites, translation apps, and software platforms. With many people researching trips for 2021, it makes sense to invest in the services discussed throughout this article. 

For more information on how Andovar can turn your automated translations into localized content in any language, contact us today for a free consultation. 

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