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Written by Emma Green
on August 17, 2023

Enhance Your Business Performance with Andovar's Efficient Localization Project Management

Acknowledging the need for external support is often wiser than trying to force a solution that doesn't quite fit. This is especially true when it comes to localization.

While your business excels in many areas, language expertise might not be its forte. And that's perfectly alright. Your primary focus should remain on what you do best, driving higher profits.

In cases where a dedicated in-house localization team lacks the necessary experience, enlisting the services of a managed solutions provider, like Andovar, can prove invaluable for achieving your global expansion ambitions.



Consider your website as an example.

The goal of localization is to present your offerings as tailored specifically for customers in each target market, rather than just adaptations of the original. Simply having a multilingual website isn't enough when venturing into new markets. Your website should resonate fully with each audience.

A website incorporating local references and culturally relevant visuals instantly captures the attention of new audiences. By localizing website content, you make it culturally relatable and appealing to the intended audience, among other benefits.

When products and desktop publishing materials are available to users in their native language, along with cultural resonance, it contributes to an enhanced customer experience.

The Role of a Localization Project Manager 

The role of a localization project manager involves maintaining relationships and ensuring smooth workflows among translators, reviewers, developers, and other stakeholders. Their responsibilities encompass managing localization expenses, overseeing the application of localization technology to expedite time-to-market, and enhancing content quality.

Localization project management operates as a dynamic force that streamlines your language-related activities, enhances efficiency, and liberates you and your teams to concentrate on mission-critical tasks.

Here's a glimpse of the additional advantages offered by localization project management by professional localization partners:

  1. Flexibility: Tailored solutions that precisely match your requirements.

  2. Scalability: Capacity to expand project volume and scope.

  3. Security and Confidentiality: Utilization of secure, cloud-based project management systems to ensure trust.

  4. Global Presence: Capability to run projects worldwide with 24/7 support.

  5. Reduced Total Ownership Cost: Cost-effective compared to hiring internal project managers.

  6. KPI and Capacity Monitoring: Retain full project control and establish comprehensive reporting channels.

LSPs harness existing project infrastructure and task execution to seize real growth prospects, delivering increased value to potential clients.

Technology-Enabled Language Solutions by Andovar

Andovar specializes in technology-empowered translation and localization solutions that seamlessly blend human intelligence and Ai / machine learning. This approach facilitates the swift, efficient, and cost-effective global outreach of your business.

By adopting an outcome-centric strategy, we customize language solutions to align with your objectives, even in complex scenarios.

Our clients experience reduced costs, streamlined operations, and exceptional customer service, culminating in improved business performance.

To elevate your performance through effective localization project management, entrust your projects to the right experts. Contact Andovar today to embark on this transformative journey.

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