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Written by Emma Green
on August 03, 2023

Andovar executive, Julie Giguère, will be attending the upcoming CogX Festival 2023, scheduled to take place from September 12th to 14th at The O2 in London.Julie Known as the "Festival of Inspiration, Impact, and Transformational Change," CogX Festival 2023 is set to be a dynamic platform for exploring visionary ideas, fostering innovation, and shaping the future.

Since 2017, the CogX Festival brings together luminaries, thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers from various fields to engage in stimulating conversations, collaborative discussions, and meaningful actions. This year's festival will center around the overarching theme: "How Do We Get The Next 10 Years Right?" — a question that resonates deeply in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Julie Giguère, a prominent figure in Andovar's executive leadership, is excited to join the CogX Festival 2023 and contribute her insights to the diverse array of discussions and activities. With her extensive experience and knowledge in AI, Giguère is always keen to have meaningful exchanges on the topic of NLP and CAI.


The CogX Festival Has Had 5 Aims:

  1. To inspire current and future generations with amazing sessions
  2. To celebrate creativity and innovation in all walks of life
  3. To improve diversity, equality and inclusivity
  4. To connect and collaborate across disciplines, sectors, domains and countries - to inspire new thinking
  5. To move conversations forward with concrete action (not just a think tank, but a do tank)

Andovar extends an open invitation to all those interested in joining Julie Giguère and the global community of thought leaders at CogX Festival 2023. For more information about the festival's program, schedule, and registration details, please visit CogX Festival Official Website.

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