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Written by Steven Bussey
on May 15, 2019

AV localization is the process of customizing audiovisual content for a specific market by translating and adding regional context to it. The objective of AV localization is to add a cultural narrative and context to consumers in a specific market.

With technological advancements, international connectivity and globalization are at par today. As such, players from the entertainment and multimedia industry like TikTok and Netflix who are adopting av localization are conquering new markets every day.

To survive in this cutthroat competition of the digital era, where every individual has the power to create av content, localization has become a necessary element. Here’s how:

Mitigate Cultural Sensitivity

Video content is often the preferred method of sharing a message or promoting a product. Generally speaking, people tend to prefer watching and listening to videos over reading.

Different cultures have specific preferences, and so a literal translation of text-based content is not necessarily enough. A simple literal translation of text lacks context and thus is not relevant enough for a specific audience. In addition to reaching a target audience through av localization, companies are also able to avoid offending or upsetting their audiences with miscommunication or faux pas.

Brands need to understand that to globalize their business successfully, they need to adapt their products and marketing strategies to suit the culture. This means adopting everything from color schemes and dialogues to images and music.

Gain Access to a Global Audience

The capitalization of new foreign markets - where exponential growth in consumerism is flourishing - is an undeniably attractive prospect. For Western companies, many markets across Asia still hold untapped revenue potential. To go global, companies need to remove the language and cultural barriers that may hinder international acceptance.

For example, Marvel’s Avengers is probably the biggest cinematic event in the history of the world and they already have a huge international fanbase. One of the main reasons behind their international success is that they localize their content for each market segment. In India alone, Avengers Endgame released in over four different languages and Oscar-winning Indian musician A. R. Rahman composed, directed and sang the Avengers theme song especially for the Indian audience.

Penetrate New Markets Easily

Videos appeal to people through both the auditory and visual senses, where the human brain is able to process content 60,000 times faster than text. Studies suggest that we retain 65% of the content that is featured in a video, in comparison to only 10% of the written word. If the message of a video is clear and understandable and the visual component provides a clear story to back up the words, there is little room for misinterpretation.

With the growing phenomenon of video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and IG TV among others, companies that produce content that has undergone audiovisual localization to match the needs of their target market - are sure to be remembered and enjoy increased engagement and brand recognition.

Gain an Edge Over Competitors

Regardless of the current size of your company, the quality of your marketing should be of the utmost importance if you are looking to grow. Video-based marketing should be included in any strategic marketing plan that is reaching its audience via the Internet.

Given that video and audio marketing is the newest trend for mass-consumption, customers expect high-quality and professional content. The quality will be noticeable through impactful and enticing scripts - localized for the target market of course - that captivate the mind with memorable and relatable visuals. If they feature poorly written scripts that border on boring, or videos that lack imagination and memorable imagery, they will fail to capture the attention of a potential customer. Low-quality marketing can do a great deal of damage to brands - you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

The process of audiovisual localization can be tedious and expensive. As a company based in Singapore with global offices spanning the Eastern and Western world, we have a solution for this. At Andovar, we are a global provider of multilingual content solutions and experts in the field of multimedia localization. We provide a service that ensures every aspect of your multimedia content is optimized, from cultural adaption to subtitles and voice-over translations. Andovar features an all-star team of voiceover artists and audio-visual localization experts, who will work tirelessly on your project so that you can get the very best level of engagement and break your way into a new market.

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