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Written by Steven Bussey
on December 08, 2021

Andovar is excited to announce its partnership with ClickLearn, the market leading solution for creating easy user instructions, e-learning and process videos for business software in any language.

Translation automation has been on a rapid raise in the localization industry. Newly developed technological tools have been helping language service providers (LSP) deliver professional translations faster, cheaper and at higher quality for a while. However, ClickLearn x Andovar’s Technological partnership has definitely reached new heights by bringing professional translation service to ClickLearn’s new in-app feature not only at surprisingly low costs but with an exceptional ease of use. The feature makes the complicated nature of translation projects easy by taking the mess out of the process, resulting in it being as simple as just a click of a button.

About ClickLearn

ClickLearn is a digital adoption platform that automates the process of creating training material and documentation of the most popular business systems including web browsers, Windows apps and Microsoft office.

Today ClickLearn
continues to expand its proposition at ground-breaking speed with offices in four global locations: U.S., India, Denmark, Australia 

We are honored to work with an incredible team of professionals like ClickLearn and are proud to be a part of the new innovative feature, delivering professional translation to ClickLearn’s customers.

Learn more about the feature:

Visit ClickLearn:


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