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Written by Steven Bussey
on June 20, 2019

Video content, especially in today’s digital age, is one of the most effective ways companies connect to their audience. Unlike other forms of marketing communication like visual advertisements and podcasts, video content grabs the audience’s attention through its dynamic elements- movement and noise. Video content is one of the most engaging mediums - it has the potential to strike a connection and trigger an emotional response. When used right, video makes information easy to interpret in a short amount of time, and therefore communication becomes more effective. This can ultimately lead to increased brand recognition.

Like any other company expanding beyond domestic borders, the aim is to be recognized and thrive in its new locale. In Southeast Asia, in particular, there are nine major languages spoken. Which means, translating content for multilingual audiences is a given - businesses localize their content from written to video content in consideration of the new locale’s language and cultural context. Voice over - a production technique giving radio, television and other mediums a narrative - is the best solution to maintain the integrity of the original video content. You’re just adapting the spoken language to your local audience. Appropriate application of voice-over techniques will increase the content’s appeal to its new target audience, thus, communicating your message in a more relatable manner.

A full 73% of online consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service after viewing a related video. Therefore, localization of video content is a must, not only to engage with the audience, but also to deliver an encompassing customer experience. It is one of the best methods to increase sales.


Voiceover in films and documentaries: Improves storytelling

In every film genre, voice overs are widely used to move plotlines, tell stories, and to provide an intimate look into the mind of the characters. They aid the film’s visual composition to create a greater audience connection and impact by triggering emotions and provide clarity. Even if a film is not targeting a foreign-language audience, voice-overs are used to fill the gaps in interviews and documentaries, often to drive home points of interest or importance. This creates continuity while impactfully delivering a message or carrying the narrative to its logical conclusion.


Voiceover in gaming: Enhances gaming experience

Developers are creating more sophisticated gaming environments that are, well, believable, with the help of well-rounded characters and dialogues. Voice overs are now becoming an integral part of the gaming industry, making the overall experience immersive and real. Particularly when it comes to role-playing games, voice-overs develop the game’s atmosphere. It gives the characters a more-authentic personality - our favorite heroes and villains are having dialogues, and they sound like real people making the environment all the more believable. Games are becoming more cinematic daily, combining animations, deep plots, virtual reality, and compelling auditory support.


Voiceover in education: Helps with easier understanding

The Internet has opened doors to many opportunities, and the education industry is capitalizing on this platform. Learning is now at your fingertips with the rise of free resources and online courses. In fact, even universities are starting to adopt this trend, with many creating online curriculum for their programs. People engage better when there is a human element involved - in this case, the voice talent. Engaging students, voice-over also provides confirmation of the visual context and helps people to better understand the information presented.


Do you need the help of professional voice over talent?

Hiring a reputable agency to help with your localization and voice over requirements will help you adapt to new worldwide markets, seamlessly and easily. At Andovar, we are here to help, providing multilingual voice services in any language. We are equipped with three soundproof recording studios, well-trained voice artists, and an in-house production studio team.

Our voice talents have gone through a rigorous testing process that includes sight-reading, articulation, voice projection, and script comprehension. Each of our studios is soundproofed with Rockwool and acoustically treated to absorb reverberations and minimize low frequencies and standing waves, creating crisp, clear audio tracks.

Our native-speaking voice-over talents ensure perfection in pronunciation and our staff of regional experts verify that all scripts are appropriate for the target culture and market. We have worked with many companies to provide training courses, marketing videos, broadcast narrations, movies, games, audio tours, and IVR prompts to provide multilingual voice over solutions.

As services and products go global, voice-overs are a critical component for anyone developing video and audio content. Audio content efficiently and effectively delivers the message, provides a better customer experience, and increases sales. Localizing your offerings via professional voice-over audio breaks language and cultural barriers that could otherwise hinder your ability to scale across multiple nations.

As video content becomes more popular, the use of voice-over and translation services is growing more important. Andovar can help you speak to your global audience. Get in touch with Andovar now and find out how we can help you achieve business expansion across borders.

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