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Written by Steven Bussey
on May 12, 2020

Andovar is proud to announce the recent opening of a new localization engineering office in Mumbai, India. The new Mumbai office will be home to Andovar's Global Center of Engineering Excellence. This venture represents a substantial advancement in translation and localization tech solutions and training opportunities to be generated worldwide going forward.

Andovar is a fast-growing company and due to the complex nature of projects that the company's clients are contracting, the corporation aims to utilize the new location as its international engineering center. The state-of-the-art facility is ideally situated within India’s Mumbai tech-hub for this very purpose.

The Mumbai facility opening was originally scheduled for 1 May, 2020. However, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all Mumbai staff have been working from home from day-one in observance of India's quarantine lockdown. The opening of the Andovar Mumbai production facilities is being postponed until it is safe to open the doors to employees, clients and visitors alike.

Because India is located between Asia and Europe, and has a strong human resources market for proficiencies in technical engineering skills, the Mumbai engineering center will enable Andovar to perform technical and analytic services for Andovar's global production centers and serve as the global base for training and mentoring of Andovar's junior engineers. The center will also perform advanced projects in machine translation (MT) and rapid analysis, as well as other translation automation technologies and processes.


Andovar global operations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Andovar's global operations are continuing to perform undeterred, doing business as usual, during the COVID-19 outbreak. Despite the uniquely difficult challenges of the current circumstance, we are committed to continuing in providing the highest quality localization services our clients need for their customers, viewers and employees throughout the world.

There have been sharp global increases in both eCommerce and video game sales. For familiar perspective, Netflix alone has gained an additional 16 million subscribers since the quarantine began. Verizon has shown a staggering 75 percent increase in data use for March this year (2020) in the US, and Xbox has shown a stark increase as well.

During this time of significant growth in these stay-at-home industries, in which Andovar specializes, we are stepping up our efforts to meet the increased demand for localization of websitese-commerce platforms, online advertising, video games, and broadcast and other digital media.


Andovar's continuing mission

We are a global media-focused localization service provider (LSP). We help e-commerce companies, games developers, software makers, Marketing and communications firms, and other enterprises produce ideally localized media content for their international audiences of customers, viewers, gamers, employees, and other media consumers around the world.

We're continuing in our ongoing mission to deliver customized localization solutions in some of the world's most complex media localization projects, to enable seamlessly translated and enculturated text and audio content for our B2B customers. Our global team of 100 full-time production professionals and 3,000+ expert translators remain in force at the Andovar international headquarters in Singapore as well as at all our production and sales offices in Thailand, China, India, Colombia, the United States and Hungary.

Andovar's services include turnkey localization and both voice-over dubbing and text-based localization for e-commerce sites, games, mobile apps, television, software development training, eLearning, travel and various other industries.

At Andovar, we have a youthful, expertly skilled, multi-cultural global team of exceptionally talented localization project management and support professionals with a ‘follow-the-sun' project management philosophy. The dynamics of this internal culture allow our localization project specialists to operate on the cutting edge of today's localization conceptions and processes, and ensures the highest rates of accuracy and cultural integrity at every level of language translation for national, regional and local audiences in all selected international markets.

Right now, the world of consumers looks to e-commerce, gaming and professional training providers to meet their needs for everything — from working at home, to shopping, to video gaming — as recommended by the World Health Organization in its WHO #PlayApartTogether initiative as an important resource during the pandemic.

As these providers continue to look to Andovar and the localization industry to enable them to serve the critical needs of a world that has veritably moved online during this time, we will persist in working through logistical and other operational obstacles presented by the current global health and economic crisis to accomplish that objective.

At the new Mumbai location and at all our global operations, Andovar pledges to continue producing the very best in localization to help ensure the sustainability and functionality of our now smaller world of international commerce and communications across all languages and cultures.

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