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Written by Steven Bussey
on July 20, 2022

Find out which industries use translation services most in 2022

In our increasingly connected world, businesses need to be able to communicate across language barriers in order to reach new customer bases. That's where translation services come in handy!

This mini-article will explore which industries commonly use translation services and how they benefit from doing so.
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Why do businesses need translation services?

There are many reasons why businesses may need translation services. For instance, they may be expanding into new markets where English is not the primary language. Or, they may be working with partners or suppliers who speak different languages. In any case,translation services can help businesses communicate more effectively with customers and partners around the world.

Some specific reasons why businesses may need translation services include:

  • To expand into new markets
  • To communicate with partners or suppliers who speak different languages
  • To improve customer service
  • To create marketing materials in multiple languages
  • To train employees in multiple languages

The Top 8 Industries that Use Translation Services

1. Technology 
2. Manufacturing
3. Government
4. Healthcare
5. Education
6. Retail
7. Hospitality
8. Finance

How to Choose the Right Translation Service Provider

There are many factors to consider when choosing a translation service provider (TSP). Here are some key considerations:

1. Industry expertise: It's important to choose a TSP with industry-specific expertise. This will ensure that they understand the specific terminology and context of your industry, which is essential for accurate translations.

2. Language expertise: Make sure the TSP you choose has native speakers of the languages you need translated. This is important for ensuring accuracy and fluency in the translations.

3. Technology: Choose a TSP that uses cutting-edge translation technology, such as machine translation and translation memory. This will help improve the speed and quality of the translations.

More on how to choose the right localization partner for your business 


There is no doubt that translation services are becoming increasingly important in today's globalized economy. With businesses and organizations operating in multiple countries, the need to communicate across languages is more pressing than ever. Translation services can help companies break down language barriers and ensure that their messages are accurately conveyed. Whether it's for marketing or other business purposes, translation services can be a valuable asset for any industry. 

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