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Written by Steven Bussey
on July 30, 2019

Companies that adopt new technological trends are scaling business to reach new markets worldwide. With advances in translation technology, you too can expand into a greater international market with relative ease. But to successfully infiltrate any market, you will need to implement the latest in localization technology to help ensure your content confirms to regional standards and expectations.

Technology can automate many steps in the translation procedure but localization processes often require experts who are familiar with a culture's customs, language, beliefs, and expressions, so that your content is not only effectively translated in word but in context and delivery.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular and efficient translation management tools available in the market today:

CAT Tools

Computer-aided translation (CAT) tools are excellent facilitators of the localization processes. Working in conjunction with Translation Memory and Term Base, CAT tools enable recycling of previously translated content, and repeated content from within any new materials, leading to faster turnaround and expedited market entry, reduced costs and brand consistency across your entire organization.

Andovar relies on some of the most reliable CAT tools available on the market, such as Word Bee, XTM and memoQ that help facilitate the localization process for various clients across the world.

Here’s a very short run down of their functionality:

  • Word Bee is a comprehensive cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS) that helps manage translation suppliers, pricelists, invoices, and translation memories. One of the many benefits of this CAT Tool is the TRUE live preview.
  • XTM Cloud Translation Management System has features like built-in translation memory and terminology. This CAT tool enables customizable localization workflow, continuous projects and remote access from the XTM mobile app. XTM is a seamlessly integrated TMS & CAT providing comprehensive localization solutions.
  • memoQ, a computer-assisted translation software suite, runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It provides translation memory, machine translation integration, terminology and reference information management in desktop, client/server and web application environments.

Term Base

A Term Base is a translation glossary. It is usually built into the core functionality of CAT tools or translation management systems (TMS). Term Bases assign the desired (or client approved) translation or instruction to a word, term or acronym. For instance, some terms may be required to remain in English. For terms requiring translation, we all know words often have different meanings in different contexts. A glossary of this type will have the specific definition of a word, typically how it is used in a particular industry’s context.

QA Tools

Your quality assurance (QA) tool works as your double-check editor. It scans through your content to ensure that no translations were misapplied. For example, the name of a company should not be translated, but the editor overrode the Term Base and translated the name. The QA tool would detect the inconsistency and report.. Likewise, QA tools detect inconsistent translations of the same words throughout a piece of content at a granular level. The QA works similarly to a TBX in that it not only has the TBX’s glossary, but an additional glossary to double-check for extraneous mishaps in translation, such as the example above.

At Andovar, we use Bugherd, a cloud-based issue tracking and project management software solution for web developers and designers that comes with an in-page feedback feature. Bugherd enables clients to report issues directly from users' websites and allows developers to see exactly where issues have been reported on the sites.

Machine Translation Solutions

Machine Translation (MT) is an automated system for instantaneously translating large volumes of content. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the latest engine offerings scan the work and implement the proper processes to determine the most complete content possible. A human post editor (PE) will then come in to review and finalize the work, ensuring clarity and consistency.

There are five types of MT: Rule-Based Machine Translation (RBMT), Statistical Machine Translation (SMT), Example-Based Machine Translation (EBMT), Neural Machine Translation, and Hybrid.

Andovar specializes in creating a built-for-you Hybrid method, which takes a combination of these MT processes and creates a system catered to improving quality and accuracy for your project. We rely on Language Studio - a leading high-performance and secure high-quality Language Processing MT solution.

Automated Subtitle Translation Solutions

By utilising cutting-edge technology and using platforms like Media Studio, Andovar is able to help increase your productivity and reduce cost by automating functions like creating subtitles from screenplay and media files as well as translating subtitles content using custom subtitle machine translation workflow.

Translation Management System (TMS)

TMS or translation management systems, such as XTM and WordBee enable efficient processing of any type of localization project. As standard, TMS comprises of CAT tools, Term Base, QA tools, as well as project management capabilities. TMS also allows for machine translation and post-editing to be built in to the workflow. Resource management and assignment, progress reporting and analytics, are all built-in core features, to produce a powerful end-to-end translation platform solution.

The Whole Package

Localization is more than just translating text. It’s formatting your site to include the locale-specific date and unit translation, adapting graphics for cultural preferences, and modifying content including design and layout. At Andovar, we’ll even address local regulations and legal requirements to the regions specifications, and implement security measures such as SSL Certificates. Our analytics systems will track your traffic and dwell time so that we can ensure that your target audience gets a satisfying and productive experience from your website.

The goal of these systems is to reduce cost, reduce time spent on translation, and to elevate the consistency and quality of translated content. We at Andovar are ready to help you make the transition into new markets by combining these steps into one simple, straightforward package backed by engineers and regional experts trained to implement these strategies. Call us today and speak with a globalization specialist who can help you develop a strategy to take your business international without delay.

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