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Written by Emma Green
on May 02, 2024

In the vast expanse of globalization, content acts as a unifier, bridging the gaps between disparate cultures and languages. However, the content's reach is fundamentally tethered to how well it is localized, dictating its effectiveness and accessibility on a global stage. This inextricably links the success of any enterprise to the strength of its localization strategy. Here, Andovar emerges as a vanguard, championing open standards, working with non-proprietary formats, and utilizing open-source tools to drive a localization process that is as seamless as it is sophisticated. 


Embracing Cloud-Based Technologies for Limitless Potential 

In the sphere of localization, cloud-based technologies offer unprecedented freedom. Andovar leverages these technologies to tap into exceptional possibilities—a practice that guarantees 'zero lock-in', empowering our clients with the flexibility to determine their localization trajectory without being hamstrung by vendor-specific limitations. 


Choosing cloud solutions aligned with open standards allows Andovar to access a suite of best-of-breed services, ensuring that each client's needs are met with the most efficacious tools at our disposal. This not only includes access to the latest technological advancements—like LLMs, AI, and integrated QA—but also the capacity to introduce custom-built plugins and APIs, ensuring that every localization solution is tailor-made. 


Opening a World of Talent Through Universal Tool Accessibility 

By advocating for open standards and non-proprietary tools, Andovar taps into a vast ocean of resources. Proprietary tools often limit the pool of available experts, given their niche application. Conversely, open-source tools and standards invite a broad spectrum of professionals to participate — from developers familiar with common open frameworks to translators versed in widely-used platforms. 


This approach is fundamental to Andovar's commitment to collaboration and excellence. It broadens the talent pool, encourages widespread familiarity with the tools of the trade, and prevents the stagnation of skills by ensuring that our professionals are proficient with technologies that enjoy universal application and acceptance. 


Advanced Features Within Grasp 

High-end functionalities such as the use of LLMs for nuanced translation work, AI for process optimization, and sophisticated integrated QA systems are no longer luxury additions but standard requisites for high-quality systems. At Andovar, integrating these advanced features into our platforms isn't an aspiration—it's a reality we live daily to deliver stellar localized content. 


Compatibility with Open-source Tools: The Gateway for Continuous Innovation 

Remaining adaptable and innovative is the lifeblood of a successful localization strategy. Andovar’s systems are built to be fully compatible with an array of open-source tools, facilitating the seamless integration of prevailing technologies and the ability to craft customized solutions — from proprietary plugins to specialized automation scripts. 


Moreover, partnering with world-class cloud providers grants us not just security peace of mind but also a sandbox of the highest caliber, within which to test, deploy, and manage the full suite of our localization services. 


The Translation Standards That Keep the Industry Agile 

In the realm of content localization, embracing format-agnostic standards is pivotal. Standards such as TMX and XLIFF grant the flexibility to exchange and reuse translation memories across various applications. Similarly, with TBX for terminology management, localization teams can assure consistency and accuracy within and across projects. 


Andovar recognizes these open localization standards as the backbone of a robust localization strategy. By adhering to these formats, we ensure that our clients' content remains dynamic, portable, and consistently high-quality, no matter the technology deployment. 


Harnessing Big Data through Open Standards 

In the era of Big Data, maintaining dominion over localization assets—be it TMs, TermBases, or bespoke MT engines—has become increasingly vital. Open standards are pivotal in this landscape, allowing the structuring, versioning, and enrichment of assets with metadata, paving the way for improved analytics and actionable insights. By focusing on data blocks rather than platforms, Andovar secures the reusability and longevity of assets, magnifying their real-world applicability. 


Localization: More Than Translation—A Cycle of Content Evolution 

At Andovar, we understand that modern localization practices transcend mere translation. By fostering open standards, we empower a virtuous cycle of content evolution, where insights from one project inform and improve the next. Language is more than a medium—it's a foundational asset that shapes the entire content strategy, from creation to international deployment. 


Maintaining the Momentum: Flexibility in an Ever-Changing Market 

Open standards are central to maintaining the agility necessary to thrive amid rapidly changing market trends. They allow organizations, like Andovar, to adjust, expand, or completely overhaul systems and processes on a dime—without sacrificing quality or speed to market. 


Our dedication to open standards means that we can confidently promise our clients the luxury of choice and the assurance of quality. Whether it's transitioning to a new tool, incorporating an emerging technology, or responding to an unexpected market development, Andovar's foundation in open standards provides the flexibility needed to stay competitive and relevant. 


In Essence: Localization's New Frontier 

Andovar stands at the forefront of localization's new frontier, a realm where open standards spark collaboration, drive innovation, and unlock true global potential. By embracing a philosophy rooted in openness and flexibility, we not only prepare for the demands of today but also pave the way for the opportunities of tomorrow. 


As businesses look beyond their borders, they need a partner that not only speaks their language but also understands the technical symphony required to make their content sing across cultures. Andovar's commitment to open standards is a testament to our belief that the best content doesn't just translate—it transcends. 

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