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Written by Russell Winterbotham
on May 29, 2013

At Andovar, we’re often shocked to learn what some clients are paying for localization with vendors elsewhere in the world. In believing their projects are more secure with a company based in a major Western city, clients are paying through the nose for projects which really cost a fraction to produce. How do we know this? Because we’re often the ones actually doing the work! We’re one of the vendors the “big boys” turn to, to make sure your work gets done on time, on budget and to the high standards you expect. Your important project isn’t being handled in London, New York or wherever after all. It’s finding its way to SE Asia and Latin America, where Andovar’s expertise gives you the results you want.

Off-shoring or outsourcing are well known turns-of-phrase to describe the transfer of production or business processes by companies located in developed, higher-cost countries, to companies in less-developed, lower-cost countries. It’s a practice that has been employed since the 1960s and is most notable within the manufacturing, IT and service industries.

Localization is one of the many service areas which capitalize on this desire to reduce overall costs of production. While translation costs and pricing are very much commoditized these days, the many ancillary service areas required to localize audio, video, multimedia, documents, brochures, catalogues, apps, software and websites can lead to a wide discrepancy in pricing between vendors based in major cities in the West and those based in lower-cost countries like Thailand.

Many of these more technical projects require manual or labor-intensive processes, which increase project costs quickly. Even basic projects such as documentation or catalogues which may require hours of desktop publishing or formatting can cost substantially more from Western vendors.

This is where we come in.....

Andovar takes advantage of its offshore locales in targeting the types of projects and clients which benefit from an integrated service provision. Complex work such as eLearning, product tutorials, brochures/guides, marketing videos, software localization and other web-based multimedia can often include many hours of recording, audio editing, formatting, file conversions, design tweaks, testing and QA. Andovar has been set up specifically to offer all these complex tasks under one roof at vastly more competitive rates than our industry counterparts.

Why Us?

Competitive International Structure – Singapore [HQ], Bangkok, Brisbane, Miami, Medellín - Andovar offers around-the-clock service supported by a highly experienced project management team and seasoned industry veterans.

Integrated Turnkey Localization Solutions - Whether it’s translation, audio recording, desktop publishing, SEO research, subtitling, Flash integration or HTML5 conversions; our service provision allows us to maintain control over each and every facet of our projects, mitigating any risk of outsourcing to multiple vendors.

State-of-the-art Studios - Andovar records thousands of hours of audio in over 50 languages each year from its proprietary studios for projects as diverse as TV, Radio, eLearning, IVRS, marketing videos and museum tours.

Cloud-based Orientation - From ERP and operational management, to customer service and beyond, we make the most of technologies that enable efficient global team-working and true 24-hour service from our worldwide locations.

Employee Owned - Every member of our team has a real stake in positive project outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Flexibility – Complex projects require custom processes – this is the norm here at Andovar. We’re nimble enough to flex and mould our processes to make your projects work how you need to.

Next time you need localization, think about whom will actually be doing the work; and then give Andovar a call. Chances are, it could be us doing it anyway – you just wouldn’t know about it.

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