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Written by Steven Bussey
on July 27, 2021

Thailand's gaming industry is booming! In fact, the country's robust gaming community of around 32 million gamers helped generate more than a billion dollars. This makes Thailand among the highest-profile gaming markets in Southeast Asia. As such, opting for Thai game translation and localization can be the key to success for your game. Let's take a closer look at the Thailand gaming landscape and how Andovar specializes in Thai translation and localization solutions. 

The Top Platform for Thailand's Gamers Is Mobile

Undoubtedly, the top platform for Thailand's gamers is mobile. Specifically, a stunning 95% of Thailand's gamers in urban population centers utilize mobile applications for gaming. Yet, research shows these gamers also lay on PC and traditional console as well:

  • 69% of Thailand's gamers play games on consoles
  • 84% of gamers in Thailand play games on PC

Trends for Male vs Female Gamers in Thailand

When it comes to male vs female gamers, women are slightly more likely to play games on mobile. On the other hand, male gamers have a higher propensity to play games on other platforms. Considering Thailand's robust gaming community, the lion's share of gamers (95%) report having spent money on virtual goods or in-game items in the last six months. And the way these gamers spend can also be segmented by gender:

  • The most common spend for men is playable characters (42%)
  • The most common spend for women is in-game currency (46%)

However, in-game currencies are the most purchased item across all players. 

Game Popularity in Thailand 

The overall popularity of in-game currencies makes perfect sense when you consider the most popular franchise in Thailand. For example, a substantial 45% of Thailand's gamers have played the classic Candy Crush game over the last six months. While popular with both men and women, Candy Crush is much more prevalent among women. On the other hand, around 44% of Thailand's gamers were engaged with FIFA; and it's more popular with men than women.  

However, when all respondents to a popular survey were asked about their favorite game — shooter platforms were unrivaled. In fact, shooter games were ranked the favorite among 38% of gamers who play mobile. This measure remained consistent across all platforms, including 34% of PC players and 35% of console players. Two of the most popular shooter labels in Thailand are Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto franchise games. An estimated 35% of gamers in Thailand have played games from these franchises in the last six months. 

Considering the domineering popularity of Thailand's gamer scene, it makes dollars and sense to localize games for this emerging market. 

What Are the Benefits of Game Localization in Thailand? 

If you're looking to tap into the emerging Thailand game market, the key to the door is game localization. Although the process of localization can be extremely extensive, the benefits of game localization will almost always outweigh the costs. And Andovar specializes in game localization for Thailand, which means we'll be with you every step of the way. Some of the top benefits of localizing your game for Thailand gamers include the following.

Get a Competitive Edge with Thai Localization

Simply put, the more you localize your game and gaming experience, the more of a competitive advantage you'll gain. Consider this: as you are localizing, other gamers are not. By not engaging in Thai translation and Thai localization, they are giving you a competitive edge.

Drive New Sales with Thai Localization

Anytime you enter a new global market, your sales and revenue will be primed to soar. As we mentioned previously, video games across all platforms are a key to enjoyment in Thailand. And localizing your game will naturally attract new customers throughout the region. You don't have to take our word for it. For example, when Defender's Quest was completely localized across six different languages, the sales exponentially increased in non-English speaking countries. In fact, sales more than doubled from 5% up to 11% for the localized version on Steam.

Downloads Go Up with Game Localization

When your game is translated to Thai and localized to Thailand's gamers, you can expect your number of downloads to jump. This can help drive the popularity of your game amongst gamers throughout the broader region. 

What is the Best Thailand Localization Solution for Games?

When it comes to localizing your game to the Thai audience, you have no shortage of options. From fan translation or crowdsourcing to freelancing services, each option has its pros and cons. However, the best way to localize your game for the Thai audience is with the specialized team of game localization professionals at Andovar.  

We offer deliberate localization services for Thai language and gaming needs. And when you partner with Andovar, you'll gain the in-depth, collective experience of an industry-leading team of professionals. 

  • Our Thai translation experts specialize in delivering the most natural and accurate translations. These translations are created with respect to local nuances and cultural considerations.    
  • At Andovar, we understand the devil is in the details. As a result, we will work endlessly to make your game look and feel like a local Thai product. This includes localizing intricate details, such as date formats, units of measurements, times, and more. Our goal is to handle the details to ensure a flawless outcome. 
  • To bolster the appeal of your game, it's imperative to also localize marketing materials and elements. Failing to properly consider this step can greatly compromise the ability to establish a connection with the target audience and the overarching marketing message. In other words, it will translate into wasted time and money. 

Ready to Emerge in Thailand's Gaming Community? Contact Andovar

At Andovar, we specialize in Thai localization and translation for games. We will handle every aspect of the process, such as localizing the storyline, technical elements, marketing localization, and more. In fact, our global agency has offices in Singapore and Thailand, which gives us a unique ability to deliver the results your game deserves.

Contact Andovar today. 

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